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Started as a small charity at home back in 2008, from one old & alone Orphan lady Fatima whom I (Farzana Shoaib) found unconscious, living alone and no one around her to look after. I took Fatima to my home where she led her last five years of life with my Family. Bint e Fatima has now become home for 100 (Karachi, Islamabad & Lahore) old age women whose numbers are increasing. Bint e Fatima is the home of those who are neglected & abandoned by their families, Bint e Fatima recognizes and know that they have been important part of our society in their young age and served our society as teacher, doctor nurse and more important as mother. Bint-e-Fatima provide Shelter, clothes, food & all the necessities of life to the mothers under one roof.

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